School of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Teaching curriculum

The study of Architectural History and Theory encompasses the entire curriculum of this discipline.


The lectures in the Bachelor programme, Architecture History and Theory of Architecture (AG I / II and AT I), which students attend, are at the core of the studies. The lessons provide basic knowledge along with an introduction to architectural thinking and a deeper understanding of architecture in its entirety. The goal is the ability to not only teach and to impart knowledge, but to meaningfully communicate about architecture. In addition to these core functions, the Department of Architectural History and Theory aims to support student’s reflection on concepts and to promote a cultural dialogue about design.


In the Master programme, architectural history and theory take a central role in the lectures. Students are invited to raise critical to theoretical questions and develop their own theories. In the lectures for Architectural Theory (AT II) the development in the theory and practice of Architecture will be addressed in the highest standards. The faculty is approachable and helpful to all students in regards to theoretical questions and historical research. They are able to adequately and critically communicate about design theories and architectural stances.

Doctoral Programme

While the Bachelor‘s and Master‘s contents focus on the teaching of architectural design, the doctoral programme emphasises the study of historical and theoretical issues. The thematic emphasis of the Department is the starting point for collaboration with scholars from other departments and faculties. The close proximity of other academic institutions, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Belgium, and the Netherlands creates a good starting point for a research network for architectural history and theory. The University of Wuppertal is actively involved in this collaboration and welcomes its doctoral candidates to take advantage of this opportunity. The department AGT Wuppertal is currently involved in the formation of joint initiatives for the revision of modernism and the concept of “tacit knowledge” in architecture.

Last modified: 10.02.2023

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